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CareThrough CNA-Certified Nursing Assistant (No license required) in Fort Wayne, Indiana

less thanp dir="LTR">less thanstrong>CareThrough is currently hiring full and part-time Nurse Care Team Assistants for the Fort Wayne area. less thanu>less thanspan style="font-size:16px;">No license is required for this position and we will train you to be successful.iless than/span>less than/u>The central role of the Nurse Care Team Assistant (NCTA) is to support the Registered Nurse by documenting the patient encounter and rechecks and performing some non-clinical patient care tasks; thus allowing the Registered Nurse to focus more directly on clinical care. A Nurse Care Team Assistant's role is limited to patient care, documentation, and efficiency management for the Registered Nurse. The NCTA works under the supervision of a professional nurse, assisting in performing specific duties and activities of daily living in caring for age specific groups identified in the position responsibilities. Adheres to the facilities compliance plan and to all rules and regulations of all applicable local, state and federal agencies and accrediting bodies. Actively participates in outstanding customer service and accepts responsibility in maintaining relationships that are equally respectful to all.less than/strong>less than/p>less thanp dir="LTR">less thanstrong>The Nurse Care Team Assistant observes the Registered Nurse during patient encounters and performs documentation on the Registered Nurses behalf. Under the direction of the Registered Nurse, the NCTA enters information into the patients electronic or written chart. All documentation is reviewed and/or edited by the Registered Nurse. Documentation is signed with an attestation by the Registered Nurse, attesting that the NCTA's charting accurately reflects all work, treatment, procedures, and medical decision-making performed by them.less than/strong>less thanbr>iless than/p>less thanp dir="LTR">less thanstrong>Position Type/Expected Hours of Work:less than/strong>This is a full-time or part-time position and hours of work and days vary Monday through Sunday depending on the facility contract and Nurse Care Team Assistant hours needed.less than/p>less thanp dir="LTR">less thanstrong>Travel is expected occasionally for this position between local hospitals and medical facilities, as required by the particular nurse care team program.less than/strong>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Required Education: High school diploma or Equivalencyless than/strong>less than/p>less thanp dir="LTR">less thanstrong>ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:less than/strong>less than/p>less thanp dir="LTR">Duties and Responsibilitiesless than/p>less thanul>less thanli>less thanp dir="LTR">Demonstrate a thorough understanding of CareThroughs and ScribeAmericas Core Values as outlined by the organizationless than/p>less than/li>less thanli>less thanp dir="LTR">Perform accurate documentation and reporting of all procedures in accordance with department policyless than/p>less than/li>less thanli>less thanp dir="LTR">Participate in documenting a nursing history and reporting abnormalities to the supervising Registered Nurseless than/p>less than/li>less thanli>less thanp dir="LTR">Assist in the delivery of patient care as a team member by performing patient care tasks under the direction of a Registered Nurseless than/p>less than/li>less thanli>less thanp dir="LTR">Provide patient care appropriate to age, mobility, acuity, and cultureless than/p>less than/li>less thanli>less thanp dir="LTR">Function appropriately in clinical emergenciesless than/p>less than/li>less thanli>less thanp dir="LTR">Follow CDC isolation guidelines, demonstrate appropriate use of PPE, perform handwashing according to policy, and enforce safety regulationsless than/p>less than/li>less thanli>less thanp dir="LTR">Exhibit a desire to learn and upgrade skills, and perform other duties as assigned or directed to ensure the smooth operation of the department or unitless than/p>less than/li>less thanli>less thanp dir="LTR">Participates in practice ch